3D Touch is now possible for Android

This year, as you all know Apple has introduced the iPhone screen their new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus 3D Touch technology first. But it’s only been a few weeks before a user is able to reproduce the same functionality on an Android device. Do not miss the video to prove it.3D Touch for Android

3D Touch for Android

The 3D system Touch screen installed on the latest smartphones Apple does is measure how much pressure is exerted on the screen and depending on the amount a pre-programmed action is activated: open a context menu, a web page preview before to visit, etc.

What has made Marco Chiappetta with Sony Xperia Z3 that functionality has been reproduced in Android. Although this device does not have this technology on your screen if available within its waterproof housing barometer.
Normally a barometer used to measure atmospheric pressure and because of these changes the sensor can determine that altitude is the smartphone. This information is typically used in applications to detect the number of low-climb stairs or perform a fairly accurate record of the calories burned while you run.Then you will see the video uploaded to Youtube Chiappetta to:

3D Touch Android

More detail can say that this person has been found that the sensor can be used to measure small changes in air pressure on the smartphone itself. Therefore, we can say that the “readings” that makes the barometer of Sony Z3 can be interpreted in a light or more pressure doing the same funcionalidd the 3D Touch, which only could be done on a device with iOS.

How much time and money will be invested in research and develop Apple 3D Touch?

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