Learn how to activate and control the LED included in the Nexus 6

A couple of days that we indicate that surprise had found that the new Google Nexus 6 includes an RGB LED , but this is disabled and, therefore, initially could not be used. Well, we will indicate what you have to do to use it normally.

Given that the LED above is not exactly in a perfectly visible because it is behind the top speaker is in the front of the Nexus 6, the truth is that the first thing you have to do is check out (rooting) the new phablet of Google , which is already possible with the application of Chainfire Super SU as you can see on this link. If you have not already done so, you should proceed to take steps and always at your own risk.
Once this step has been taken, the time to activate the Root Mode option comes, what is done in the same aforementioned application, and then run the option Run every command as root as direct mode (you have to be sure –super user- the super user access is granted to all requests that are made to the terminal in question). With this you will make sure that everything that you run on your Nexus 6 has access to protected options and, therefore, this possibility is heading for LED included.

Options to control its operation

Once the above steps, and you can set the LED operation and even the color of this because as you type RGB is possible to vary the tone with which lights depending on user needs. To make this possible, it is best to use some development such as Lightflow . The main thing is that in the Settings section of the brightness is not worth zero, because in this way the LED is turned off. Then you can “play” to change the color of the LED in each case and thus set a personalized way.

You’ll be able to control the LED included, by surprise, the Nexus 6 which is always positive because in this way and at a glance you can know if you have any pending notification and even if the burden of battery is critically low. The fact is that if you are someone who have one of these devices or are thinking about getting one of them, this trick will be most useful.

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