Problems on iOS 9 Tips and tricks to solve it

Surely you are one of the thousands of people who have not been able to resist install iOS 9 in your electronic devices from Apple. And surely you’re also one of the many users who have realized that the new software fails Cupertino.

We show the most common mistakes and how to fix them.Problems on iOS 9. Tips and tricks to solve it

Problems with IOS 9

1- Installation Failures

IOS 9 Installation Failures

Many users suffered so-called installation errors when downloaded iOS in September, in fact, the program does not let you complete the installation once started referring to software problems. Although Apple has already released the iOS 9.1 update that solves this problem, if you happen again, you have to do is try to settle the software through iTunes, that is, with the computer. You’ll see how well it does it is downloaded.

2- frozen ScreenProblems on iOS 9. Tips and tricks to solve it

Oh no! The phone screen has frozen just as he was trying to update the website or portal that had opened! What you have to do in these cases is to restore the terminal since the last backup you have. Here you will find it very important to back periodically.

3- Applications that do not work

Problems on iOS 9. Tips and tricks to solve itThe iPhone, iPads and other Apple technology devices operate mainly through mobile applications that are invented. However, IOS 9 is likely to cost them some work and to stay stuck. Quiet, that everything has a solution. Apple Store Starts and seeks to see if the developer has already created a specific version for iOS in September.

4- working slowly

Problems on iOS 9. Tips and tricks to solve itWe will not deny. iOS 9 runs very slowly, particularly if your phone or Apple device is old. It is what you have. You must give the device a few days for it to finish installing all the updates and either the device running smoothly.

5- Battery Problems

Problems on iOS 9. Tips and tricks to solve itCan you just downloaded iOS and notes 9 and how you drain the battery in no time? Does not look good, especially after Apple make every effort to increase the level of the batteries in this software. It is difficult to determine what the real problem with this, but maybe it is causing a little application you use. Check which applications have connected to the Internet and those who just use disconnected. The battery will endure longer.

Which of these problems with IOS 9 has happened to you?

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