Top Ten Best Android Games 2016

System Devices with Android have today with a number of games with which to have a good time and even some with whom to share items between users of the same system.

In Top Ten Android we will give below a complete list of those who are the top ten best android games for this 2016 . We also give a summary of their characteristics and what they are each of them and of course, if you are free or have some added expense type.

If you like action games, strategy games or sport no longer you need to have a console to enjoy them. With our mobile or “smartphone” we have games that are very complete and are also very popular.

Some of the games that you will see below are versions of the 2016 and released for console games, others are specific to Android devices. Of these you also leave a link for download.

Let’s see the top ten best Android games for this 2016.

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MORTAL KOMBAT XNew installment of the legendary Mortal Kombat, one of the best fighting games also comes complete with trading cards. You can form a team of elite warriors of Mortal Kombat tournament and participate in the largest battle of the Earth. You can collect some of the most popular fighters like Scorpion, Johnny Cage, Sub-Zero, Sonya, Kitana, Ermac, among others, and meet new ones.

Download Mortal Kombat X

2-Age of Empires World Domination

Age of Empires World Domination

Download Age of Empires World Domination (Not available yet).

Age of Empires will soon exclusively for Android, iOS and Windows Phone mobile devices, a free-to-play title that presents itself as the next generation of multi-player games with real-time strategy sorpernde us with a new system Battle reinvented for mobile. The goal is to create our own empire and dominate the world with the armies of the greatest empires. You can play the game better known civilizations, Celts, Vikings, Franks or the Huns, with over 100 legendary heroes to choose from.

3-Fallout Shelter- Gratis

Download Fallout Shelter (Not available yet).

An original game where you have the task of managing our own nuclear bunker or shelter in a world engulfed by chaos. We will have to rely on memory and intelligence to know how to manage our resources, and to build ever more rooms to improve the skills of its people, which we must also send the wilderness to perform missions and achieve awards to improve life of the community.

4-GTA: San Andreas Payment

Download GTA: San Andreas

The legendary San Andreas now for Android and with the return of Carl Johnson who returns to the neighborhood in which they arrive and are accused of homicide so that will cross San Andreas to save his family and take control of the streets. Fun and action guaranteed.

5-Hitman: Sniper-Paid

Become Agent 47 in this original strategy game in which the characters are part of a model. Your mission is to move nimbly through the grid to avoid the enemies and achieve your goal to eliminate or infiltrate heavily guarded places, so you must conscientiously ponder every move.

Download Hitman: Sniper

6-One Piece: Treasure Cruise-Gratis

One Piece fans will have fun with this new release in which they must become pirates and lead his own group with the best characters in One Piece. Collect WANTED posters in battle and head straight to the tavern to recruit new characters for your team. There are plenty of recruits available, including the two main and supporting characters. Gather your favorite pirate and turn them into the most powerful crew ever seen sailing the seas.

Descarga One Piece: Treasure Cruise

7-Dragon Ball: Tap Battle

Download Dragon Ball: Battle Tap (Not available yet).

Battles multiplayer game based on the legendary Dragon Ball. By touching the screen with your fingers, the player can generate an intense battle and fighting enjoy the real action of Dragon Ball in the smartphone.

8-Minecraft: Pocket Edition-Pago

Edition “pocket” or Minecraft pocket in which the key is to form blocks. This new edition includes the Survival and Creative modes, with a multiplayer option with wireless networking, infinite worlds, caves, new biomes, groups, villages and more. Manufactures, creates and explores anywhere in the world, provided you have hands and battery to burn.

Descarga Minecraft: Pocket Edition

9-Lara Croft: Relic Run-Gratis

Descarga Lara Croft: Relic Run

Delivery dedicated to the mythical character of Lara Croft, and she lives Become an unparalleled adventure with this game where you will discover ancient relics and treasures. Running, driving, push yourself, and dive in beautiful and challenging environments in this fantastic game runner. Each location you get aa features unique game elements and new challenges of the mark.

10-Resident Evil 4/Biohazard- Pago

After Resident Evil 3 and the destruction of Raccoon City completely, edition 4 comes with new sets and costumes. We stand once again in the hands of Leon Scott Kennedy (former city police Raccoon) in a ghost town in Spain (without knowing what’s in particular), in order to rescue the president’s daughter named Ashley Graham .

Download Resident Evil 4

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